Jesse Johnson Announces his Candidacy for State Representative


Your Next State Representative: Jesse Johnson

An Ideological Leader For
the Next Generation

Jesse Johnson is a tireless, passionate, and dedicated youth and family advocate in the field of education.  In addition to recently being elected to the Federal Way City Council, he currently works in Workforce Planning and Development at Highline Public Schools, working to create a more welcoming, inclusive and culturally responsive school and district staff through culturally responsive professional development and diverse hiring practices. Jesse has been a Federal Way resident his entire life.  He led the way for his family through Federal Way Public Schools; all of his younger siblings followed his trajectory to Nautilus Elementary, Sacajawea Middle School and Federal Way High School.   In continuing to challenge himself and pursue higher education, Jesse earned an academic scholarship to attend the University of Washington, where he immediately pushed himself to engage in leadership roles, participating in an internship at Boeing and serving as representative of the University’s Diversity Scholars program. He caught his first glimpse into politics by becoming a local delegate in the 30th legislative district and knocking on thousands of doors for the Obama campaigns as well as interning with both Congressman Adam Smith and former State Senator Tracey Eide.  These experiences sparked his desire to transform the policy system.

Key Priorities

Connecting Youth to Career, Trades and Further Education

We can provide equitable access to quality education for all students from cradle to career and develop our students into educated citizens who are ready and able to give back to their communities by partnering with the school district to support all students

  • Access to Quality Education from Cradle to Career
    • Combine quality education with enrichment opportunities such as internship for students within the city, city-sponsored project-based learning within our various departments and commissions, and offering free, full-time early learning, elementary, and secondary programming
    • Partnering with local universities such as Highline College and UW-Tacoma to offer scholarships for students who give back to the community and intern/work within the city
    • Incentivizing trade, tech, and vocational schools to come to our city
    • Recruit and encourage our local talent to work within our city, run for office, and become active participants in the decision-making process

Building Safe, Inclusive & Vibrant Communities

We can build a safe, family-friendly & inclusive community by creating a strong sense of belonging through programs connected to the city that empower our youth & residents.
  • Public Safety and Crime Prevention
    • Address systemic problems that lead to crime by implementing cost-effective programs that target violence
    • Increase access to full-time wrap-around services for youth that address trauma, family crisis, emotional support, and mental health
    • Work with community partners to develop processes to ensure all communities, regardless of race, language or culture can access services without barriers
    • Provide counseling/restorative justice, jobs and other training opportunities for youth with low-level offenses and exiting detention

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Jesse Johnson Serving Communities Throughout the 30th District

A Voice for the Youth Generation

“It’s not just the youth. I want to work with seniors, disabled veterans, I want to help anyone who needs support in the 30th District. I would want them to know that for me…I don’t see myself as a politician, I see myself as a public servant and so I want them to know that I serve them.”

Mission Statement

To build a safe, family-friendly and inclusive community.

My goal is to develop a vibrant and sustainable local economy and provide opportunities for families, seniors and youth

Recent Accomplishments

Chair of Human Services and Public Safety Committee, Member of Land Use Committee

Led effort to pass Apprenticeship Utilization ordinance

Led effort to pass $50,000 in funding for youth violence prevention

Created and developed Emerging Leaders City Council Mentorship program and Senior Advisory Commission

Jesse Johnson in the News

Jesse Johnson aiming to create positive change in Federal Way

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